Now open again: Vicki Boom .. since 1662!

Dear all, every day you're welcome to Vicki Tree in the best spot of Amsterdam! She is open: from 11:00 t / m 1:00 pm and Friday and Saturday from 11:00 t / m 03.00-Hanneke is also open in winter- click here for a handle end of the Vicki Live! music

What eats Hanneke? Hanneke eat original and durable, and you! Trial Delicious fresh bread invested; come along and ask for the menu today! In the evening Hanneke serves delicious fresh dinner menu; a fluctuating mix of tasty fish, vegetarian and meat dishes. Every day is a different season! Vicki on Facebook is often the newest menu: / Hanneke Boom

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Lunch kaart Hannekes Boom ...sinds 1662 Lunch kaart Hannekes Boom ...sinds 1662 Hannekes Boom Borrelkaart Hannekes Boom Wijnkaart

Come and look at the signs inside or on the menu of the day; sometimes we suddenly a new menu ... often different each day; that too is Hanneke!
See you soon, love, Hanneke

Where is Hanneke?
NEMO opposite to the water; near Amsterdam Central Station, next OBA and the Conservatory Hannekes address is:
Dijksgracht 4 - 1019BS Amsterdam (the green arrow below)
Vicki's phone number is: 020 4199820
(Also for reservation please note that. Hanneke reserve only a place for indoor)

Do you have a crazy idea for by Hanneke, or want to celebrate something there? Mail: Hier ligt Hannekes Boom...sinds 1662 Restaurant Amsterdam
What is Vicki Tree ... since 1662 A restaurant with a large terrace on our own harbor?; Hanneke is the new cultural hotspot of Amsterdam. Hanneke is durable, she has a strong nautical interest and leads you to the history of its place and its surroundings. Hanneke has a delightful picnic in the park or on the boat, let your kids crafts and serves breakfast, nice to tea, fine wines to a late dinner. Do you have creative ideas, please contact Hanneke and make them a reality!
Soon! Love Hanneke